Picking up where the video game left off, "Karnov" brings to life the story of classic arcade hero Jinborov Karnovski (played by F. Deacon Taylor.) Called out of retirement to defeat his arch nemesis Ryu, this ex-circus strongman and one time savior of the kingdom finds that time and age may prove to be his most formidable opponents yet. Can the fire-breathing Russian, with the help of his Nintendo friends, regain his legendary form?


Tom Blosel as "Monister Mace"
Terry Tuggs as "Testucles"
Tony Jabroni as "Prikup"
Sean Chuthers as "The Kings of Creamina"
Whett Wheetie as "Gorp"
Py Layton as "Te"
Drew Rozzi as "Chief Zihven"
Aresh Mikash as "Gimlet"
F. Deacon Taylor as "Karnov"
Fagan Burlap as "Duke Togo" from Golgo 13
Andy Novelli as "Billy Lee" from Double Dragon
Darabian Snutts as "Rygar"
Brian Barna as "Captain Skyhawk"
Natalie Coleman as "Black Mage" from Final Fantasy
Jonathan Love Hewitt as "Ninja Gaiden"
Adam Krayvo as "Peter Pepper" from Burger Time
Donnie Wagner as "Lance" from Contra
J. Darryl Skweak as "Paperboy"
Wheet Wheetie as "Ricky" from Tag Team Wrestling
Terry Tuggs as "Mascross" from Tag Team Wrestling
Jeff Beck as "Mario Mario"
Darabian Snutts as "Luigi Mario"
Steve Kazoobin as "Link" from The Legend of Zelda
Aaron Milson as "Player 1" from Rush'n Attack
Greg Novelli as "Thomas" from Kung Fu
Dick Pennsyl as "Mighty Bomb Jack"
Lydia Wheetie as "Pit" from Kid Icarus
Kevin Happe as "Little Mac" from Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Erin Gannon as "Princess Toadstool" from Super Mario Bros.
Emily Schmitz as "Samus Aran" from Metroid
Jonathan Love Hewitt as "Simon Belmont" from Castlevania
Jimmy Bean as "Rock" from Mega Man
Natalie Coleman as "Doc Louis" from Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Whett Wheetie as "PoPo" from Ice Climber

Soundtrack by The Minibosses and The Neskimos