Tired of having to catch your favorite industrial swindles elbow to elbow with the likes of a shirtless F. Deacon Taylor? Why not bring all the magic to the comforts of your DVD-equipped home with your own copy of Karnov.

Karnov DVD (Deluxe Edition)

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  • The Karnov DVD Special Features:

    -"Game Over" the 30 minute behind the scenes documentary on the making of the Karnov movie.

    -Karnov Trailer.

    -Audio Commentary with writer/director Adam Taylor and Karnov lead actor F. Deacon Taylor.


    -4 Deleted Scenes.

    -The Karnov Premiere featurette shot on March 5th 2005.

    -Still Photo Gallery.

    Hidden Bonus Features:

    The Karnov DVD has a number of hidden features that can only be found via a series of secret riddles and clues scattered throughout the DVD.